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Supplying Health Care Products for Life

Everything you need to bring life to healthcare


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Supplying quality health care products so you can better respond to those in need.

Together we can tailor all your medical emergency supply needs to ensure timely delivery of the right products at a discerning price with the confidence only a dependable supply chain can provide.

Increased consumer demand for your services and procedures means more patients and new business challenges. We understand the pressure to do more with slimmer margins, which means you must be as efficient as possible to remain profitable.

Our expert staff  appreciate the challenges a practice can face. We will work together to increase efficiencies and cost savings on-site so you can continue to be profitable.

Patients demand greater convenience, speedier service and effective treatment,  so taking appropriate action to develop solutions that help keep your practice in top form.


A Seamless Conversion

EFAS is proud to offer Medline products ensureing your transition to Medline is smooth, timely and accurate. 


Enable Immediate Results

From spend analysis to product standardization, with the support of Medline, EFAS Medical can customize supply chain solutions to your unique needs, so you see immediate dock-to stock efficiency.


Consulting Services

Our expert sales team are here for you to help strategize and streamline your supply chain needs. You can rely on EFAS Medical.


Elevate Operational Efficiency

Keep your inventory levels in check ensuring supply meets clinical demand without overstocking. Our experts will help you create a more efficient flow of supplies to maximize staff and resources.


On the Point

We will work hard to learn your business inside and out to identify your pain points and map out product value streams. 


More time for Patient Care

EFAS is more than delivery top quality products, we work hard to eliminate inefficiencies from your supply chain so your staff can spend more time with patients.

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Saving Lives or Bettering Lives

We are very confident you will find the right products for your every need. Our distribution centres carry a comprehensive inventory at all times so you don’t have to.

Primary Care Products

EFAS has everything your practice needs to succeed with Medline’s high quality, self-manufactured products.

Right Product for Every Emergency

Your job is saving lives, ours is making sure you have all the right tools at your disposal to do so.

Better Products Means Better Care

Together, with your clinical and managerial team, we’ll develop business-wide strategies to help ensure highly reliable performance and sustainable outcomes.

Better Products Assure Better Results

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